October 17-20, 2018: San Antonio, Texas

View details about the 2018 WHA Conference in San Antonio here! Below is the 2018 Call for Papers, the 2018 Program Committee and Co-Chairs, and the 2018 Local Arrangements Committee and Co-Chairs. More on the conference, including information on advertising, sponsoring, exhibiting, tours, registration, and travel accommodations is forthcoming in early 2018.

2018 Call for Posters

The Western History Association is now accepting submissions for a Poster Session. The poster session is open to all. From high school students to graduate students, faculty, public historians, and independent historians. Awards will be given for best high school, undergraduate, and graduate student posters. More information can be found here.  

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday May 15, 2018 by 11:59 p.m. 

Any questions should be directed towards Dr. Lindsey Passenger Wieck at lwieck@stmarytx.edu.

2018 Conference President: Donald L. Fixico

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I am Shawnee, Sac and Fox, Mvskoke Creek and Seminole.  I started at Bacone Jr. College, then transferred to the University of Oklahoma, where I earned a BA, MA and a Ph.D. in History.  I am a first generation college graduate and the first high school graduate in my family.  Presently, I am a Distinguished Foundation Professor of History, Distinguished Scholar of Sustainability in the Wrigley School of Sustainability, and Affiliate Faculty in American Indian Studies at Arizona State University.  My Mvskoke grandmother disliked laziness and she instilled a hard work ethic in me.  A love for research and writing has led to faculty positions at four universities and visiting professorships at seven universities (including University of Nottingham in England and the Frei University in Berlin, Germany).  I learned a lot from postdoctoral fellowships at UCLA and The Newberry Library in Chicago.  Good fortune has allowed me to work with more than two dozen masters and doctoral students.  Over the years, I have worked on 20 historical documentaries, and I am the author and editor of fifteen books.  The most recent ones are Thats What They Used To Say”:  Reflections on American Indian Oral Traditions (2017), and an edited volume, Indian Treaties in the United States (2018).  In 2000, President Clinton appointed me to the Advisory Council for the National Endowment for the Humanities.  I have been a distinguished lecturer for the Organization of American Historians since 2002.  In 2010, I received a National Museum of the American Indian Award of Achievement in History and Education.  I have lectured throughout the U.S. and in Canada, China, Japan, Germany, England, Finland, Peru, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands.  When I changed from a chemical engineer major to history as an undergraduate, I wanted a better understanding of Indians, our histories and cultures.  I learned to build bridges of understanding and as one of the few Indian doctoral students in History during the late 1970s, I found the Western History Association welcoming and many western historians encouraged me.  Since then I have dedicated my career to advance the understanding of American Indians, all people of color, and the West that I am a part of.  The Western History Association is an organization where you can just be yourself.  The WHA is like a family to me and my best friends are western historians.

2018 Call for Papers

58th Annual Western History Association Conference

San Antonio, Texas

October 17-20, 2018

2018 WHA President: 

Donald L. Fixico, Arizona State University

Re-imagining Race and Ethnicity in the West 


From October1 7-20, 2018 the Western History Association will meet in San Antonio, Texas and the theme is “Reimagining Race and Ethnicity in the West.” The program committee invites papers and presentations that explore the historical origins, legacy, and construction of race and ethnicity in the North American West. We especially welcome panels that address the complex intersections of race, gender, class, and ethnicity from a variety of perspectives. Fundamental to histories of race and ethnicity are issues of authority, and considering recent events, this warrants a very timely and meaningful conference theme. Histories of race and ethnicities remain vital to any understanding of Western history. Social, cultural, and political movements have often prompted social change, reform, and the expansion of democracy. San Antonio, a city once steeped in Davy Crockett’s revolutionary spirit, is complicated by a history in which Tejanos, Mexicans, and Americans sacrificed their lives for independence. Originally, the Payaya Nation referred to this place as Yanaguana, or “refreshing waters.” Later, Spanish settlers changed the Indigenous name to San Antonio, after patron Saint Anthony of Padua, a Saint devoted to the recovery of lost items. San Antonio’s rich history is central to the conference theme. Throughout the centuries, this region has witnessed a collision of empires, numerous wars, and systems of colonization—a place known for its tragedies, victories, and second chances. As our host site for the 2018 WHA conference, San Antonio represents a place of convergence where historians can recover the significance and stories of how race and ethnicity transformed the West.

In addition to traditional paper sessions, we welcome submissions that integrate creative formats and seek to expand conference participation through invitations to scholars, teachers, students, and the public. We request full session submissions, and will consider individual papers. All panel submissions must designate one person as their main contact. The program committee assumes that every presenter listed in a proposed session has consented to participate in the conference. 

For all proposals, panel or individual, each presenter must include the following: 

 1. Cover page with contact information of session organizer, title of proposed session, list of participants (with affiliations), and AV equipment needs

 2. For all proposals, panel or individual, each presenter must include a one paragraph abstract outlining the purpose and title of proposed paper.  Panel submissions also require a 250-word abstract outlining the purpose and title of their proposed session.

 3. One-page c.v. of each participant in the proposed session

 4. If desired and applicable, individuals are invited to indicate their tribal affiliation(s)

Electronic submissions are required and should be sent, with supporting materials, as a single PDF document to 2018 Program Committee Co-Chairs, Kent Blansett and Farina King at wha2018callforpapers@gmail.com. The submission deadline is September 1, 2017 for individual papers and December 1, 2017 for organized panels.

Downloadable PDF of the 2018 Call for Papers available here

2018 Program Committee

WHA 2018 Program Committee Co-Chairs

Kent Blansett, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Farina King, Northeastern State University

WHA 2018 Program Committee

 Erika M. Bsumek, University of Texas-Austin
 Quin'Nita Cobbins, University of Washington 
 B. Erin Cole, Minnesota Historical Society
 Sandra Enríquez, University of Missouri-Kansas City
 Jason Heppler, University of Nebraska at Omaha
 Robert (Bob) F. Jefferson, Jr., University of New Mexico
 Laura K. Muñoz, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
 Keith Carlson, University of Saskatchewan 
 Joshua Reid, University of Washington
 Brent Rogers, Joseph Smith Papers
 Gregory E. Smoak, University of Utah
 Brianna Theobald, University of Rochester
 Lindsey Passenger Wieck, St. Mary's University-San Antonio

2018 Local Arrangements Committee

WHA 2018 Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs

Brian S Collier, University of Notre Dame

Billy Kiser, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

WHA 2018 Local Arrangements Committee

 Angelica Docog, Institute of Texan Cultures, University of Texas at San Antonio 
 Michael Duchemin, Briscoe Western Art Museum
 Francis Galan, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
 Gilberto Hinojosa, University of the Incarnate Word
 Todd Kerstetter, Texas Christian University
 Amy Porter, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
 Omar Valerio-Jimenez, University of Texas at San Antonio
 Teresa Van Hoy, St. Mary's University-San Antonio
 Edward Westermann, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
 Richard Bruce Winders, The Alamo

Sponsors and Partners

The WHA is hosted on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and benefits from the generous support of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Western History Association | University of Nebraska at Omaha | Department of History | 6001 Dodge Street | Omaha, NE 68182 | 

| (402) 554-5999 | westernhistoryassociation@gmail.com

The Western History Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.