Attending the Conference

The WHA is working to make attending the online conference as easy as possible. After registering for the conference, attendees will receive an email granting access to the WHA 2020 conference virtual platform (you will the receive the email from a staff prompt, and not as an automatic message after registering for the conference). The email should appear as from the Western History Association and include <>. If you do not receive an email granting you access, check your Spam and Junk folders. If you are still unable to find the email, please contact the WHA office at 

Before the conference, make sure that you are able to access the Pheedloop platform and your personal profile. You can start customizing your profile by adding photos, information, and links. The more information you add to your profile, the easier it will be for other attendees to network with you. Through your personal profile, you can also create a schedule with all the sessions you plan on attending, making navigating to sessions easier.

You can also review our Attendee guide by clicking on the image below!



Navigating the Conference


The lobby page is the homepage of the conference. This is where announcements will appear! You can also see our social media feeds, our welcome video, and more! The chatting function on the lobby page can be used to leave general messages about the conference. These can be seen by everyone.


The Exhibit & Sponsor Hall is where you can view all of our exhibitors and sponsors for this year's conference! Much like an in-person conference, our exhibitors will have virtual booths that you can interact with. If you are interested in purchasing from and exhibitor and finding out more information, you can send them a private message or jump on a quick one-on-one video call. 


The Session Hall is very important, because this is where you will access all of the conference sessions! All of the panels and conference events are listed in the Session Hall. Each session has its own session page. When it is time for that session to go live, if you are interested in attending, simply go to the Session Hall and locate the session you are interested. You should be able to see the livestream and participate! On the session page, you can also read more about the session, download any files that the panelists have provided, and even add the session to your calendar. 


The Networking Hall is where you can view all of the conference attendees' profiles. You can chat one-on-one with any conference attendee here, either via text or video call. You can also create small networking groups of

up to five people! Please note that the larger conference networking events, like breakfasts or happy hours, will be held in the Session Hall.

WHA 2020 is Online Everywhere!

For this year’s conference, the Western History Association will be using a third-party virtual event service, called Pheedloop. Pheedloop utilizes Zoom as its primary virtual online meeting platform. So all WHA sessions, workshops, meetings, and other events this year will use Zoom, which is an online tool that has become more and more familiar to us in 2020.

What is Pheedloop? 

According to the Pheedloop team: “PheedLoop is an end-to-end live, virtual and hybrid event automation, monetization, and engagement platform for event organizers, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. PheedLoop flips the whole idea of event execution on its head by giving event planners an incredible amount of control, insight, and sales/marketing tools for their events. From sales optimized registration/ticketing, live streaming, synced stakeholder portals, and instant mobile apps, to on-site check-in/badges, automated surveys, and exhibitor/sponsor monetization systems, PheedLoop is the ultimate streamlined event management system. PheedLoop is used by events of all types and sizes around the world, and is a platform built by all our amazing event planners and engineers.”

Try to think of Pheedloop as a virtual platform that is meant to cover as many aspects as possible of an in-person conference. You can navigate Pheedloop like you would any type of website or social media networking site. There is a homepage, or "lobby", navigation tools, social media feeds, graphics, and videos. 

In many ways, Pheedloop functions similar to other virtual spaces, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Attendees make their own personal, customized profiles upon registering for the event. This provides greater opportunities for networking and connecting with other attendees at the conference! Much like Facebook and Linkedin, you can view other attendees profiles, send direct messages, participate in the lobby chat room, and more! 

The WHA is located in the Department of History at the University of Kansas.

The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!

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