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This page contains in-depth information about the exhibitor experience for our 2020 online conference! The WHA is using Pheedloop to operate its virtual online conference platform. Read more below about the ways that Pheedloop allows exhibitors to showcase authors, promote new work, and network with conference attendees. You can also view the following guidebook and instructional video for additional resources.

For more information about Pheedloop, the online conference, and how to navigate the exhibitor portal/virtual booth, please review the following resources:




Before the Conference

Prior to the conference, exhibitors should prepare for the conference in a variety of ways:

  • Register for the WHA Conference: Please register for the WHA Conference using this website and the registration code for exhibitors (you should have received the code from the WHA staff). Please make sure ALL representatives from your exhibit register through the WHA website as soon as possible. 
  • Exhibitor Portal: After you register with the WHA and around mid-September, the WHA staff will send exhibitors an email that grants your access to your exhibitor portal on Pheedloop. The exhibitor portal is where you, as an exhibitor, will create your virtual exhibit booth. Through the exhibitor portal, you can customize your booth with images, branding, videos, links, and more! 
  • Virtual Booth: The virtual booth is similar to physical booths in a variety of ways. Exhibitors can designate employees or volunteers to staff the booth, have one-on-one conversations with visitors, respond to direct messages, and handle online sales. 
  • Connect with Conference Attendees: All conference attendees will be able to access all of the virtual booths through the "Exhibit Hall" featured as a tab on the WHA conference's homepage for the online platform. They can search for specific exhibitors or just browse! 
  • Following are some features of your virtual exhibit booth, along with suggested dimensions and character values:
Logo: Your organization's full logo. Wide version of logo recommended with transparent background and no white-space.
Thumbnail: A square representation of your logo. Displayed in lists and icon sets. Recommended size: 500 x 500 PNG or JPEG, no white-space.
Banner: Used in various promotional areas, and shown at the top of your profile pages. Recommended size: 1000w x 400h PNG or JPEG, no white-space.
Tagline: 75 characters
Organization Description / Promo Text: 5000 Character Limit

Links: Facebook, Twitter, Website, Linkedin, Youtube

  • Review: The above features will be available for all exhibitors who purchased at least a single exhibit booth. Not all exhibitors purchased the same type of booth (for example, shared booths), so certain features will not be available to you. Contact us if you have questions. 

During the Conference

During the conference, exhibitors should keep in mind and explore the following features:

  • Virtual Booth: During the conference, attendees can interact with your virtual booth. They can view any information you provide, request a one-on-one conversation, or send editors and exhibits staff a direct message. Be sure that someone is staffing the booth in order to take advantage of these opportunities! Just like a physical conference, we know it is difficult to have someone staffing your booth at all times, so this is not a requirement. If you are unable to offer round-the clock staffing, you can show visitors when you are available to chat and when you are away.
  • Technology: If exhibitors have technological issues during the conference, help is available! The WHA staff will be available via email and through the "help" feature on the Pheedloop page. There will also be Pheedloop staff available to help in real-time during each day of the conference. 
  • Networking: As conference participants, exhibitors, like other attendees, will have access to the networking tab. You will be able to view other attendees' profiles, send direct messages to presenters, and have one-on-one video conversations to catch up with your friends and colleagues!
  • Lead Retrieval: For an added fee of $99, exhibitors can access “Built-In Lead Retrieval,” which opens up the following possibilities: 1) attaching files to your virtual booth that are protected with pop-ups, which require attendees to submit information prior to accessing the file; 2) access to data surrounding attendees who visited your virtual booth; 3) a “request for information” button on your virtual exhibit booth.

After the Conference

After the conference, all conference attendees will have access to recordings of the sessions. More information on accessing the recordings and what will be available after the conference will be coming soon!

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The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!

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