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This page contains in-depth information about the speaker experience for our 2020 online conference! The WHA is using Pheedloop to operate its virtual online conference platform. Read the guides below about the ways that Pheedloop allows speakers to upload session content, post pre-recorded videos, add presentation slides, promote your profile, and network with conference attendees. You can also view the instructional videos for additional resources.

For more information about Pheedloop, the online conference, and how to navigate the speaker portal and session page, please review the following resources:





Before and During the Conference

Prior to the conference, speakers can prepare for their sessions in a variety of ways. For details on each of these items, consult the "Speaker's Guide" by clicking on the guidebook link above:


Following is a series of questions our staff received so far about the conference. Please review this list before sending the WHA office a question. We will continue to update this section in the weeks leading up to the conference. Please also consult the Pheedloop Speaker's Guide (above) for a complete, printable list of these questions and answers in addition to a section on "Presentation Tips".

How will livestreaming work?

The Pheedloop platform uses Zoom for livestreaming sessions. For more details about Zoom and

how to use it for the conference, please consult the WHA's Zoom Guide (SEE ABOVE).

Can we incorporate pre-recorded content?

Yes! While Pheedloop is optimized for livestreaming (via Zoom), it also allows session speakers to

load pre-recorded content.

How do we add pre-recorded sessions or speakers?

Session speakers can completely pre-record their content but they must send it to the WHA team as

an MP4 (wha@westernhistory.org)

Can we include just segments of pre-recorded content in our presentations?

Yes. If you would like to include only segments of pre-recorded content, you can share your screen

during the livestreaming session and play the video. Another option is for you to attach the content

as a file to your session page and ask session attendees to open the file on their own.

How can we best prepare for our session?

1. Create a session description on your session page.

2. Practice, polish, and record your pre-recorded content ahead of time.

3. If you choose to present in real time, practice your presentation on your Zoom account.

4. Work with your co-panelists to agree on a set time allocation for each speaker. You CANNOT go over

on the program's printed time limit (all time zones are Central).

5. As you'll read from the WHA's Zoom Guide (see above), the best way to practice your session is by simply using your own Zoom accounts.

6. Read our presentation tips (above in Pheedloop's Speaker Guide)

What if one (or more) of our panelists have not registered or entered their Pheedloop portal?

1. Please make sure all of your co-panelists have registered for the conference using the WHA website.

2. Speakers will not receive an invitation to enter their portal until they register with the WHA.

3. We recommend you communicate with your session as soon and as much as possible!

4. Registration ***CLOSES*** on October 9. If you have a co-panelist who has not registered by

October 9, they will be automatically removed from your session.

How do speakers interact with the session attendees?

Speakers will be able to engage with the session audience by using the session portal:

-Speakers can interact with session attendees using the chat feature on the session page.

-Pheedloop allows you, as a speaker, to propose questions, create polls, share links, and more!

How is the WHA addressing accessibility for the online conference?

The WHA takes accessibility very seriously. Please review this "Speaker's Guide" that the WHA staff

compiled, especially the presentation tips. Using certain presentation techniques during your

livestream can help make all sessions more accessible to everyone!

Will I receive technical assistance if I need it?

Yes. If speakers have tehcnological issues during the conference, help is available! WHA staff will be

available via email and through the "HELP" feature on the Pheedloop page. There will also be

Pheedloop staff available to help in real-time during each day of the conference.

How do speakers interact with the WHA's virtual exhibit hall?

While not presenting or attending a session, speakers will have the opportunity to explore the exhibit

hall and view all of this year's amazing exhibitors at their virtual booths! By visiting the booths, you can

set up times to meet with editors, take a look at new and forthcoming titles, and enjoy the special

discounts exhibitors often advertise during the physical conference.

How do I network as a speaker during this online conference?

As a conference speaker, you will have access to the "Networking" tab through the WHA's lobby

(landing) page. Using this took you can view other attendees' profiles, send direct messages to friends,

and colleagues, use the chat feature to introduce yourself to someone new, and have one-on-one video


How are "speakers" and "attendees" different in the online conference?

The same way they are different at a physical conference! Speakers have specific presentation "work" to

fulfill, but they are also meeting attendees. Pheedloop uses these terms to designate the access a

meeting attendee will need to their session and speaker portals. Attendees do not need this access and

instead operate as part of the meeting's audience.

The WHA is located in the Department of History at the University of Kansas.

The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!

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