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Free for Members!

Become a member now or renew your membership to secure the 2020 complimentary registration rate for all WHA members! Visit our membership page to join or renew today! (Members still need to register for the conference by clicking on the event link above.) ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 9.

Mail-In Registration Form

For your convenience the we have provided a hard copy Registration Form for you to mail to our office. Please fill it out and return it to the WHA office in Kansas with the full payment. ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 9; our office must receive mailed formed by that date.    

Classroom Access to the WHA!

Are you interested in having one or more of your classrooms attend the conference and do you have access to resources to cover a discounted registration rate? Prices vary on class size, number of sessions, etc. 

1-12 students  $50.00 for 3 sessions
13-30 students $75.00 for 3 sessions
31-80 students $100.00 for 3 sessions
80+ students  $125 for 3 sessions

The WHA strongly prefers online payments to process classroom access in advance of the conference. CLICK BELOW TO REGISTER YOUR CLASSROOM TODAY! (Must be a current WHA Member) ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 9

All students must be from the same class. Figure additional totals for more than one classroom or set of students. Contact us to discuss your options and confirm a purchase of this opportunity for your students! (wha@westernhistory.org) 

Classroom Registration (Members click below)

Everyone Registers with the WHA *and* Pheedloop

Pheedloop Online Conference Platform Access: Beginning in mid-September, conference registrants will receive an email invitation from the WHA staff to create an online conference profile on Pheedloop, the WHA's online conference platform. (Think of your Pheedloop profile as an extended version of a physical name badge!)

YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH--WHA conference registration and Pheedloop profile creation--TO ATTEND OR PRESENT AT THE 2020 CONFERENCE. You will not be able to attend the conference or present your work if you do not have a Pheedloop profile; this means you will not be able to attend the conference or present your work if you do not FIRST register through the WHA website (see link above). ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 9.

Programs and Totes!

WHA Programs and Tote Bags: WHA members just received the 2020 Conference Program in the mail. If you joined and registered (or registered as a non-member) between August 21 and September 25, you will receive your program with your tote bag in early October. In the meantime, please access the 2020 program online

Everyone who registers for the conference by the pre-registration deadline on September 25 will receive a 2020 tote bag prior to the conference. This year's bag features one of our major conference sponsors and will be a welcome addition to your growing collection of WHA totes. (Many thanks to the University of New Mexico Press for their generous sponsorship!) If you do not register for the conference prior to or on September 25, you will not receive your tote bag and program until later in October. Please also note that *all* registrations on or after September 26 must be paid online or the registration record will be cancelled after 15 minutes with a pending, unpaid status. ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 9.

Pre-Registration Rates

Pre-Registration Rates: August 17 - September 25

Non-Member $60
Student Non-Member $30
Under/Unemployed Contact the WHA Office

** The WHA will allow both online and offline payments, but prefers online payments in 2020. The WHA no longer offers registration rates for Joint members. Each WHA conference attendee must individually register.

Registration Rates

Registration Rates: September 26-October 9

Non-Member $75
Student Non-Member $35
Under/Unemployed  Contact the WHA Office

** The WHA will only allow online payments after September 25. All registrations that are not paid immediately will be cancelled after 15 minutes. If this is a concern, please adhere to the pre-registration deadlines. REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 9.

The WHA is located in the Department of History at the University of Kansas.

The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!

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