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Past Elections

Article VI of the WHA Constitution and ByLaws explains the function and process of the Nominating Committee for the organization's annual election.


President: Kelly Lytle Hernández, University of California, Los Angeles

Council Position A: Liza Black, Indiana University Bloomington

Council Position B: Erik Loomis, University of Rhode Island

Council Position C: Lori Lahlum, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Nominating Committee Position A: Rebecca Wingo, University of Cincinnati

Nominating Committee Position B: Karl Jacoby, Columbia University
Nominating Committee Position C: Maritza De La Trinidad


President: William Deverell, University of Southern California

Council Position A: Benny Andrés, Jr., University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Council Position B: Rosalyn LaPier, University of Montana

Nominating Committee Position A: Katrina Phillips, Macalester College

Nominating Committee Position B: Miroslava Chávez-García, University of California, Santa Barbara


President: Susan L. Johnson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Council Position A: Rachel St. John, University of California, Davis

Council Position B: Philip J. Deloria, Harvard University

Nominating Committee Position A: Rosina Lozano, Princeton University

Nominating Committee Position B: Joshua Garrett-Davis, Autry Museum of the American West

Nominating Committee Position C: Katrina Jagodinsky, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


President: Maria E. Montoya, New York University and NYU Shanghai

Council Position A: B. Erin Cole, Minnesota Historical Society

Council Position B: Ari Kelman, University of California, Davis

Council Position C: Erika Bsumek, University of Texas

Nominating Committee Position A: Julian Lim, Arizona State University

Nominating Committee Position B: Andy Kirk, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


President: David Wrobel, University of Oklahoma

Council Position A: Laurie Arnold, Gonzaga University

Council Position B: Erika Pérez, University of Arizona

Nominating Committee Position A: Brian DeLay, University of California Berkeley

Nominating Committee Position B: Mary Mendoza, Pennsylvania State University 

Nominating Committee Position C: Carolyn Brucken, Autry Museum


President: Martha A. Sandweiss, Princeton University 

Council Position A: Sheila McManus, University of Lethbridge

Council Position B: Jeffrey Ostler, University of Oregon
Council Position (Special Election): Gregory E. Smoak, University of Utah 

Nominating Committee Position A: Connie Chiang, Bowdoin College

Nominating Committee Position B: Amy Lonetree, University of California, Santa Cruz 

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The WHA is located in the Department of History at the University of Kansas. The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!