WHA Standing Committees

The WHA benefits from the service of members who contribute to various Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees. The Standing Committees are organized as either "Operations" or "Planning and Finance" as noted below.


Are you interested in serving on a committee or learning more? Contact the Chair of each Standing Committee to find out how you can participate or become active in the WHA!

Chairs of Standing Committees for Operations:

Erika Pérez, University of Arizona, Interim Chair, Committee on Assault Response and Educational Strategies (CARES)
Ryan Booth, Washington State University, Chair, Membership Committee
Mary E. Mendoza, Penn State University, Chair, Committee on Race and the American West (CRAW)
Elyssa Ford, Northwest Missouri State University, Co-Chair, Public History Committee
Elizabeth Bass, Oklahoma Historical Society, Co-Chair, Public History Committee
Lindsay Stallones Marshall, University of Oklahoma, Chair, Committee on Teaching and Public Education
Rebecca Wingo, University of Cincinnati, Chair, Digital Scholarship Committee

Donna Schuele, CSU Los Angeles, Co-Chair, Committee on Contingent and Adjunct Faculty
Stephen Hausmann, University of St. Thomas, Co-Chair, Committee on Contingent and Adjunct Faculty
TBA, Accessibility Committee

Standing Committees for Planning and Finance:

Lynn Roper, WHA Treasurer, Chair, Financial Advisory Committee

2023 Program Committee:
-David Rouff, University of California, Merced, 2023 Co-Chair
-Stacey Smith, Oregon State University, 2023 Co-Chair

2023 Local Arrangements Committee:
-Stephen Aron, Autry Museum of the American West, 2023 Chair

2024 Program Committee:
-Genevieve Carpio, University of California, Los Angeles, 2024 Co-Chair
-Elizabeth Ellis, Princeton University, 2024 Co-Chair
-Ari Kelman, University of California, Davis, 2024 Co-Chair

2024 Local Arrangements Committee: 
-John Herron, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2024 Co-Chair
-Sandra Enríquez, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2024 Co-Chair
-Andrew Gustafson, Johnson County Museum, Overland Park, Kansas, 2024 Co-Chair

2025 Program Committee:

Coming soon!

2025 Local Arrangements Committee:

Coming soon!












Financial Advisory Committee

Lynn Roper, WHA Treasurer and Chair (2023)

William Deverell, WHA President (2023)

Steve Aron (2023)

Katherine Morrissey (2024)
David Igler (2025)

2023 Program Committee

David Rouff, 2023 Program Committee Co-Chair

Stacey Smith, 2023 Program Committee Co-Chair

View the full 2023 Program Committee here!

2023 Local Arrangements

Steve Aron, 2023 LAC Chair

View the full 2023 Local Arrangements Committee here!

2024 Program Committee

Genevieve Carpio, 2024 Program Committee Co-Chair

Elizabeth Ellis, 2024 Program Committee Co-Chair
Ari Kelman, 2024 Program Committee Co-Chair

View the full 2024 Program Committee here!

2024 Local Arrangements

John Herron, 2024 LAC Co-Chair
Sandra Enríquez, 2024 LAC Co-Chair
Andrew Gustafson, 2024 LAC Co-Chair

View the full 2024 Local Arrangements Committee here!

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The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!

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