K-12 Lesson Plans

The Western History Association has partnered with the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies to provide K-12 History of the West lesson plans as a resource for educators.  Each year, the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies awards four $500 scholarships for teachers who submit an exemplary lesson on the History of the American West. Below you will find lesson plans reflecting a wide range of topics in Western History.

To submit your lesson plans for consideration, please email westernhistoryassociation@gmail.com

Click here for more information about the Charles Redd Center Teaching Award.

Congrats to the 2017 Award Recipients! The Charles Redd Center Teaching Western History Award recognizes teachers who instruct on the North American West. The 2017 award recipients include the following individuals. Click on their unit plan to learn more.

Liam Concannon (Saint Martin de Porres Academy, New Haven CT), “Nipo Strongheart and the Influence of Media” (View Power Point

Kelly Griffith (Guadalupe Regional Middle School, Brownsville, TX), "Clashing and Mingling: One City, Many Cultures” (View Power Point)

Porsia Tunzi (La Reina High School and Middle Schoo, Thousand Oaks, CA), “Homeboy Industries: A Path to Rehabilitation in Los Angeles” 

Helen M. Vassilou (Adena Elementary School, West Chester Township, OH), "Analyzing the History of Immigrationin America: Reflections of New Immigrants in American Schools” 

Past Charles Redd Center Award Winning Lesson Plans:

Donna Moore and Dalton Savage - 2016 (University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK), "Oklahoma History, The 1930s: Reconstructing Memory - How did the Great Depression define Oklahoma?" (View Lesson Plan)

Brendan Bell - 2016 (Cristo Rey High School, Sacramento, CA), "California and the Western Foundation for Educational Equality in Schools: A Side-By-Side Comparison of Legal Methods and Development of Educational Rights Through Westminster v. Mendez and Brown v. Board of Education" (View Lesson Plan)

Ruth Ferris - 2016 (Washington Elementary School, Billings, MT), "Expanding Western Horizons: Looking at the Fur Trade Through Multiple Perspectives" (View Lesson Plan)

Shauna Hirota - 2016 (Kailua Intermidiate School, Kailua, HI), "Analyzing the History and Impact of Racial Identification" (View Lesson Plan)

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