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Inaugurated in 2014 by the WHA Membership Committee, the Graduate Student Prize is designed to foster graduate student professional development and to enhance collegial citizenship within the organization. Up to ten students may receive the award. Each recipient will receive: One 1-year WHA membership, complimentary conference registration, reception tickets (Welcoming, Graduate Student, Awards), and three nights of lodging in the conference hotel.

Prize ResponsibilitiesPrize winners must attend the WHA conference in the award year and cannot defer the award. The WHA Graduate Student Prize may be held concurrently with other WHA graduate student awards. WHA Graduate Student Prize winners are expected to be active in the organization through service on WHA committees and/or through participation in annual conference events and attendance at conference sessions. In addition, WHA Graduate Student Prize winners should collaborate with the WHA Graduate Student Caucus to help as co-hosts of the Graduate Student Reception during their award year.

More importantly, each WHA Graduate Student Prize winner must submit an 800-1,000-word blog post that outlines their conference experience. This will be posted on the WHA's website and social media platforms (due November 1, 2024).

To apply, please submit the following materials in *one pdf file* to each of the Award Committee members below. Use your last name in the title of your pdf file name.

  1. application cover page (name, contact information, institutional affiliation, year of study, and the names of thesis or dissertation committee members/adviser)
  2. a brief description (one page) of your interest in this prize and an assessment of how this prize will foster your professional goals
  3. curriculum vitae

Late or incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. 

-2024 Awards Cycle opens January 15, 2024

-2024 Award Submission Deadline: June 15, 2024

The WHA office sends notifications to the selected recipients of awards at the end of August. 


Maritza de la Trinidad, Co-Chair
Independent Historian

Elise Boxer, Co-Chair
University of South Dakota

Michael Childers
Colorado State University

Sarah Keyes
University of Nevada, Reno

Miguel Juárez

University of Texas at El Paso

Jeannette Jones

University of Nebraska-Lincoln



2023 | Verenize Arceo (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Brianna Rose DeValk (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Teagan Dreyer (Oklahoma State University), Zephaniah Fleetwood (University of California, Davis), John Flynn (University of Utah), Annabel G. LaBrecque (University of California, Berkeley), Kendall Lovely (University of California, Santa Barbara), Gianna May Sanchez (University of Michigan), Laura Narvaez (Southern Methodist University), Lydia Perez (University of Oklahoma), Kristen Phipps (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Jesse Robertson (University of Victoria)

2022 | Colton John Brandau (University of California, Davis), Analiesa Delgado (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Hailey Doucette (Colorado State University),  Rachel Kaufman (University of California, Los Angeles), Brian Wright (Princeton University)

2021 | Nicole Rae Batten (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Bennett DiDente Comerford (Harvard University), Analiesa Delgado (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Mia Edwards (University of Missouri, Columbia), Alejandra Herrera (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Rachel Kaufman (University of California, Los Angeles), Gabrielle Lyle (Texas A&M University), Doris Morgan Rueda (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Alex Nuñez (University of Arizona), Brianna Tafolla Rivière (University of California, Davis)

2020 Andy Rafael Aguilera (University of Michigan), Matthew Jason Green (University of Utah), Amado Guzmán (University of Arizona), Alejandra Herrera (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Greg LeDonne (Boise State University), Kevan Malone (University of California, San Diego), Jenni Tifft-Ochoa (University of California, Davis), Michelle Vasquez Ruiz (University of Southern California)

2019 Anna Toledano (Stanford University), Alika Bourgette (University of Washington), David Krueger (Harvard University), John Legg, Virginia Tech), Sasha Coles, University of California, Santa Barbara), Micaela Valadez (University of Texas at Austin), Taylor Rose (Yale University), Reilly Hatch (University of New Mexico), Juan Mora (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Carolina Ortega (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

2018 | Ryan Booth (Washington State), Cassandra Clark (University of Utah), Curtis Foxley (University of Oklahoma), Lindsay Erin Marshall (University of Oklahoma), Sarah Sadlier (Harvard University), Austin Stewart (Lehigh University), Bryan Winston (St Louis University), Cecily N. Zander (Penn State)

2017 | Justin Whitney (California State University, Sacramento), Jason Hogstad (University of Colorado, Boulder), Lora Key (University of Arizona), Madison Heslop (University of Washington), Kerri Clement (University of Colorado, Boulder), Kathryn Carpenter (University of Missouri-Kansas City), Rhiannon Koehler (University of California Los Angeles), Jared Eberle (Oklahoma State University), Joseph Schiller (University of Oklahoma), Joseph Stuart (University of Utah)

2016 | John Buchkoski (University of Oklahoma), Tiffany Gonzalez (Texas A&M University),  Danae Jacobson (University of Norte Dame), Daniel Grant (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jacob Jurss (Michigan State University), Peter Chesney (University of California Los Angeles), Joel Zapata (Southern Methodist University), Joseph Stuart (University of Utah), Michael Matsumaru (University of New Orleans), Travis Ross (University of Utah)

2015 | Farina King (Arizona State University), Billy Kaiser (Arizona State University), Rhae Lynn Barnes (Harvard University), Reetta Humalajoki (Durham University), Quin'Nita Cobbins (University of Washington), Lindsey Passenger Wieck (St. Mary's University), Brian Stack (Washington State University), Mikal Eckstrom (University of Nebraska Lincoln), Brianne Stein (University of New Mexico), Karissa Patton (University of Saskatchewan)

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The WHA is located in the Department of History at the University of Kansas. The WHA is grateful to KU's History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for their generous support!