WHA Standing Committees

The WHA benefits from the service of members who contribute to various Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees. The Standing Committees are organized as either "Operations" or "Planning and Finance" as noted below.


Are you interested in serving on a committee or learning more? Contact the Chair of each Standing Committee to find out how you can participate or become active in the WHA!

Standing Committees for Operations:

Committee on Assault Response and Educational Strategies (CARES)
Membership Committee
Committee on Race and the American West (CRAW)
Public History Committee
Committee on Teaching and Public Education
Technology Committee

Committee on Contingent and Adjunct Faculty  

Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee (2018-

Standing Committees for Planning and Finance:

Financial Advisory Committee  
Program Committees  

Local Arrangements Committees


Committee on Race in the American West (CRAW)


Mary Mendoza (Chair), Penn State University

Karen Leong, Arizona State University

Katherine Benton-Cohen, Georgetown University

CRAW Advisors:

Kevin Leonard, Western Washington University

Ernest Chávez, University of Texas, El Paso

Erika Pérez, University of Arizona

Maria Montoya, NYU and NYU-Shanghai

Traci Voyles, University of Oklahoma

Jennifer Macias, University of Utah

Pablo Mitchell, Oberlin College

Lina-Maria Murillo, University of Texas, El Paso

Kelly Lytle Hernandez, UCLA

Danielle Olden, University of Utah

Cathleen Cahill, Penn State University

Kent Blansett, University of Kansas

Membership Committee

Brenden Rensink (Chair), Brigham Young University
Laurie Arnold, Gonzaga University
Renée Laegreid, University of Wyoming

Patricia Loughlin, University of Central Oklahoma

Melody Miyamoto Walters, Collin College
Kat Whiteley, University of Michigan
Mark Johnson, University of Notre Dame

Sandra Enríquez, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Public History Committee

Rebecca Hunt (Co-Chair), University of Colorado, Denver

Jeremy Johnston (Co-Chair), Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Bill Bryans, Oklahoma State University
B. Erin Cole, Minnesota Historical Society
Tamsen Hert, University of Wyoming
Nathan Jones, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
Peter Kopp, University of Colorado, Denver
Eric Nystrom, Arizona State University
Greg Smoak, American West Center, University of Utah
Jennifer Stevens, Stevens Historical Research Associates

Committee on Contingent and Adjunct Faculty

Amy Essington (Co-Chair), Cal State Fullerton

Carol L. Higham (Co-Chair), UNC-Charlotte

Heather Ponchetti Daly, UCLA

Steven Fountain, Washington State University, Vancouver

Catharine Franklin, Texas Tech University

John R. Gram, Missouri State University

Amy Haines, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Jon Lauck, Midwestern History Association

James Leiker, Johnson County Community College

Matthew Luckett, Cal State University, Dominguez Hills
Donna Schuele, Cal State Los Angeles

Greg Thompson, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah

View the results of the 2019 WHA Committee on Contingent and Adjunct Faculty Survey and Letter to the WHA Council here. 

Committee on Teaching & Public Education

Mark Johnson (Chair), University of Notre Dame
Alida Boorn, Independent Historian
Peter Blodgett, The Huntington Library
Brian S Collier, University of Notre Dame
William DeStefano, Tucson, Arizona
Alicia Dewey, Biola University
Sherilyn Farnes, Texas Christian University
Jeffrey Johnson, Providence College
Michelle Lorimer, California State University, San Bernardino

Patricia Loughlin, University of Central Oklahoma
Lindsay Marshall, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sheila McManus, University of Lethbridge
Lindsey Passenger-Wieck, St. Mary's University, San Antonio
Andrea Radke-Moss, BYU-Idaho
Linda Sargent Wood, Northern Arizona University

Committee on Assault Response & Educational Strategies (CARES)

S. Deborah Kang (Chair), University of Texas at Dallas

José Alamillo, Cal. State U., Channel Islands
Raphael Folsom, University of Oklahoma
Jennifer McPherson, Purdue University
Erika Pérez, University of Arizona

Evelyn Schlatter, Southern Poverty Law Center
Sandra I. Enríquez, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee

David Wrobel (Co-Chair), University of Oklahoma

Maria Montoya (Co-Chair), NYU and NYU-Shanghai

Martha A. Sandweiss, Princeton University

Laurie Arnold, Gonzaga University

Stephen Aron, UCLA

Connia Chiang, Bowdoin College

Cathleen Cahill, Penn State University

Mark Johnson, Notre Dame University

Technology Committee

Jason Heppler (Chair), University of Nebraska at Omaha

Douglas Seefeldt, Clemson University

Rebecca Wingo, University of Cincinnati
J. Wendel Cox, Dartmouth College Library
Mikal Eckstrom, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sean Fraga, Princeton University
Brian Luna Lucero, Columbia University

Financial Advisory Committee

Lynn Roper, WHA Treasurer and Chair (2023)

David Wrobel, WHA President (2020)

Janet Fireman (2020)

David Igler (2021)

TBA (2022)

2020 Program Committee

Leisl Carr Childers, 2020 Program Committee Co-Chair

Lori Flores, 2020 Program Committee Co-Chair

Amy Lonetree, 2020 Program Committee Co-Chair

View the full 2020 Program Committee here!

2020 Local Arrangements

Virginia Scharff, 2020 LAC Chair

View the full 2020 Local Arrangements Committee here!

2021 Program Committee

Erika Bsumek, 2021 Program Committee Co-Chair

Erik Loomis, 2021 Program Committee Co-Chair

Michael Witgen, 2021 Program Committee Co-Chair

View the full 2021 Program Committee here!

2021 Local Arrangements

Katrine Barber, 2021 LAC Co-Chair

Steven Fountain, 2021 LAC Co-Chair

The 2021 Local Arrangements Committee will be announced soon!

2022 Program Committee

Julian Lim, 2022 Program Committee Co-Chair

Tyina Steptoe, 2022 Program Committee Co-Chair

The 2022 Program Committee will be announced soon!

2022 Local Arrangements

William Kiser, 2022 LAC Co-Chair

Lindsey Passenger Wieck, 2022 LAC Co-Chair

Omar Valerio-Jimenez, 2022 LAC Co-Chair

The 2022 Program Committee will be announced soon!

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