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The Western History Association offers the Michael P. Malone Award for the best article, essay, or commentary on state, provincial, or territorial history in North America appearing in a periodical publication. As nominations must come from journal editors, book chapters in anthologies will not be considered. Articles should concentrate on events of historical significance centering on a state, province, or territory in North America. 

Nominations must be published in 2023. Journal editors may consult with their editorial boards when making their nominations but are limited to nominating one article per year. If the committee receives a self-nominated article from an author, the Malone Committee Chair will ask the author to request a letter of nomination from the journal in which their work appeared.

Journal editors and authors may submit nominations electronically through the email addresses provided below. Submissions must be one pdf file and include:

    1. Brief cover page (author contact information and title of submission) 
    2. Cover page of journal and copyright page
    3. Table of contents of journal 
    4. Journal article

    2024 Awards Cycle will open January 15, 2024

    2024 Award Submission (Postmark) Deadline: April 15, 2024

    The WHA office sends notifications to selected award recipients at the end of August. 


    Sheila McManus, Chair
    University of Lethbridge

    Andrew Isenberg
    University of Kansas

    Aaron Goings

    Saint Martin's University



    2023 | Robert Lee, "'A Better View of the Country': A Missouri Settlement Map by William Clark," William and Mary Quarterly (January 2022)

    2022 | Genevieve Carpio, "Zorro Down Under: Settler Colonial Architecture and Racial Scripts en Route from California to Australia," Aztl├ín: A Journal of Chicano Studies (Spring 2021)

    2021 | Gerard W. Boychuk, "'Not a Tinker's Damn': The Politics of Suffrage in the South Dakota Election of 1918," South Dakota History (Fall 2020)

    2020 | Kenneth R. Coleman, "'We'll All Start Even': White Egalitarianism and the Oregon Donation Land Claim Act," Oregon Historical Quarterly (Winter 2019)

    2019 | Katherine Ellinghaus, “The Moment of Release: The Ideology of Protection and the Twentieth-Century Assimilation Policies of Exemption and Competency in New South Wales and Oklahoma,” Pacific Historical Review (Winter 2018)

    2018 | Thomas Richards, Jr. for "'Farewell to America': The Expatriation Politics of Overland Migration, 1841-1846," Pacific Historical Review (February 2017)

    2017 | Laura Barraclough for "Western Spirit of '76: The American Bicentennial and the Making of Conservative Multiculturalism in the Mountain West," Western Historical Quarterly (Summer 2016)

    2015 | Andrew Baker for ""From Rural South to Metropolitan Sunbelt: Creating a Cowboy Identity in the Shadow of Houston" published in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly (July 2014)

    2013 | Linda C. Noel for “’I am an American’: Anglos, Mexicans, Nativos, and the National Debate over Arizona and New Mexico Statehood,” Pacific Historical Review (August 2011)

    2011 | David Prior for “Civilization, Republic, Nation: Contested Keywords, Northern Republicans, and the Forgotten Reconstruction of Mormon Utah,” Civil War History (2010)

    2009 | Karl Jacoby for “The Broad Platform of Extermination: Nature and Violence in the Nineteenth Century North American Borderlands,” Journal of Genocide Research (June 2008)

    2007 | Susan Sessions Rugh for “Branding Utah: Industrial Tourism in the Postwar American West,” Western Historical Quarterly (Winter 2006)

    2006 | Thomas A. Krainz for “Culture and Poverty: Progressive Era Relief in the Rural West,” Pacific Historical Review (February 2005)

    2005 | Gregg Cantrell for “The Bones of Stephen F. Austin: History and Memory in Progressive-Era Texas,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly (October 2004)

    2004 | Keith Tolman for “Tea Kettle on a Raft: A History of Navigation on the Upper Red River” in Chronicles of Oklahoma, Winter 2003-2004.

    2003 | Suzanne Barta Julin for “Art Meets Politics: Peter Norbeck, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Sylvan Lake Hotel Commission,” South Dakota History (Summer 2002)

    2002 | Frederick Allen for “Montana Vigilantes and the Origins of 3/7/77,” Montana The Magazine of Western History (Spring 2001)

    2001 | Walter L. Buenger for “Texas and the South,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly (January 2000)



    Michael Peter Malone (1940-1999) was an American historian who served from 1991 to 1999 as the 10th president of Montana State University. One of Montana's preeminent historians and writers, he was named by both The Missoulian and the Great Falls Tribune newspapers as one of the 100 most influential Montanans of the 20th century. His Montana: A History of Two Centuries (co-written with Richard B. Roeder) was called the "definitive history of the state" by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. His final work, The American West (co-written with Richard W. Etulain), was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Malone served his profession in a wide range of ways. He was a member of the board of directors of the Montana Historical Society, the executive council of the Western History Association, the Montana Committee for the Humanities, and the Montana Bicentennial Commission. He was also a member of the editorial board of Montana The Magazine of Western History, Pacific Northwest Quarterly, and the Pacific Historical Review.

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