2017 Fellowship opportunities from The State Historical Society of Missouri

Thursday, July 07, 2016 8:58 PM | Anonymous

The State Historical Society of Missouri announces two Center for Missouri Studies fellowship opportunities for the calendar year beginning January 1, 2017. Each fellowship carries a stipend of $5,000 for a project that results in the completion of a 6,000 to 8,000-word scholarly essay, exclusive of notes, on one of the two topics listed below. Essays must be completed by the end of calendar year 2017 and must reflect significant scholarship in primary sources, evidence familiarity with appropriate secondary sources, and contain endnotes that comply with The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. The finished product will be considered for publication in the Missouri Historical Review, although completion of the project is no guarantee of publication. In addition, successful applicants will be asked to make a public presentation based on their project at a mutually agreed upon time and place.

 Topics for 2017 Center for Missouri Studies Fellowships:

 1.      History of Native Americans in Missouri

 2.      History of Latinos/as in Missouri

 Deadline for Completion of Application: September 1, 2016

 Application Process: Applicants are encouraged to complete the online form available at http://shsmo.org/thecenter/fellowships/apply. A successful submission should include a title, proposal, list of main primary sources, proposed timeline, and evidence of applicant’s ability to complete such a project. In addition, applicants must submit a curriculum vitae no more than two pages in length.

 Award Announcement:  December 1, 2016

 For more information, please contact John Brenner, Managing Editor, brennerj@shsmo.org.


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