The Western History Association honors 45 scholars and teachers at 59th Annual Conference

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October 23, 2019

The Western History Association honors 45 scholars and teachers at
59th Annual Conference

To learn more about WHA Awards and view the awards program, visit the WHA Awards page!

Gordon Bakken Award of Merit
Jo Tice Bloom, Independent Historian (posthumous)

John Heaton, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Honorary Lifetime Membership
Alfred L. Bush, Retired Curator of Western Americana at the Princeton University Library

Autry Public History Prize
The Pendergast Years: Kansas City in the Jazz Age and Great Depression, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri. Contributors: Jason Roe, David LaCrone.

Caughey Western History Association Prize
Monica Muñoz Martinez, The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas (Harvard University Press, 2018)

David J. Weber-Clements Prize
Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Hopi Runners: Crossing the Terrain between Indian and American (University Press of Kansas, 2018)

Donald L. Fixico Award
Lisa Brooks, Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip’s War (Yale University Press, 2018)

Dwight L. Smith (ABC-CLIO) Award
Christopher D. Haveman, ed. Bending Their Way Onward: Creek Indian Removal in Documents (University of Nebraska Press, 2018)

Hal K. Rothman Award
James E. Sherow, The Chisholm Trail: Joseph McCoy’s Great Gamble (University of Oklahoma Press, 2018)

Joan Paterson Kerr Award
James R. Swensen, In a Rugged Land: Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and the Three Mormon Towns Collaboration, 1953-1954 (University of Utah Press, 2018)

John C. Ewers Award
Lisa Brooks, Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip’s War (Yale University Press, 2018)

Robert G. Athearn Award
Monica Muñoz Martinez, The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas (Harvard University Press, 2018)

Robert M. Utley Award
Mark Santiago, A Bad Peace and a Good War: Spain and the Mescalero Apache Uprising of 1795-1799 (University of Oklahoma Press, 2018)

Sally and Ken Owens Award
Beth Lew-Williams, The Chinese Must Go: Violence, Exclusion, and the Making of the Alien in America (Harvard University, 2018)

W. Turrentine-Jackson Award
Megan Black, The Global Interior: Mineral Frontiers and American Power (Harvard University Press, 2018)

Arrell M. Gibson Award
Rodger C. Henderson, “The Piikuni and the U.S. Army's Piegan Expedition: Competing Narratives of the 1870 Massacre on the Marias River,” Montana: The Magazine of Western History (Spring 2018)

Arrington-Prucha Prize
Jay M. Price, “Assembling a Buckle of the Bible Belt: From Enclave to Powerhouse,” Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains (Spring 2018)

Bert M. Fireman and Janet Fireman Award
Michael A. Hill, “The Myth of Seward’s Folly,” Western Historical Quarterly (Spring 2019)

Bolton-Cutter Award
Alejandra Dubcovsky, “Defying Indian Slavery: Apalachee Voices and Spanish Sources in the Eighteenth-Century Southeast,” William and Mary Quarterly (April 2018)

Jensen-Miller Award
Natalia Molina, “Deportable Citizens: The Decoupling of Race and Citizenship In the Construction of the ‘Anchor Baby,’” in Deportation in the Americas: Histories of Exclusion and Resistance, Kenyon Zimmer and Cristina Salinas, eds. (Texas A&M Press, 2018)

Michael P. Malone Award
Katherine Ellinghaus, “The Moment of Release: The Ideology of Protection and the Twentieth-Century Assimilation Policies of Exemption and Competency in New South Wales and Oklahoma,” Pacific Historical Review (Winter 2018)

Oscar O. Winther Award
Joshua Garrett-Davis, “The Intertribal Drum of Radio: The Indians for Indians Hour and Native American Media, 1941-1951,” Western Historical Quarterly (Autumn 2018)

Ray Allen Billington Award
Megan Asaka, “‘40-Acre Smudge’: Race and Erasure in Prewar Seattle,” Pacific Historical Review (Spring 2018)

Huntington Library-Western History Association Martin Ridge Fellowship
Yvette Saavedra (Assistant Professor, University of Oregon) “Living La Mala Vida: Transgressive Femininities, Morality, and Nationalism in Mexican California, 1810-1850”

Vicki L. Ruiz Award (two awards in 2019)
William Gow, “A Night in Old Chinatown: American Orientalism, China Relief Fundraising, and the 1938 Moon Festival in Los Angeles” Pacific Historical Review (Summer 2018)

Mary E. Mendoza, “Treacherous Terrain: Racial Exclusion and Environmental Control at the U.S.-Mexico Border,” Environmental History (November 2018)

Sara Jackson Award
Katherine Bynum (Ph.D. Candidate, Texas Christian University), “Civil Rights in the ‘City of Hate’: Grassroots Organizing against Police Brutality in Dallas, Texas, 1935-1990”

Walter Rundell Graduate Student Award
Mark Boxell (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Oklahoma), “Red Soil, White Oil: Race, Environment, and the Birth of Petroleum Dependency, 1890-1940”

Charles Redd Center Teaching Western History Award
Alex Barr, Connelly School of the Holy Child

Laura Fenerty, Holy Trinity School

Sandra Garcia, Theodore Roosevelt Middle School

Noël Ingram, DaVinci Communications High School

Louise Pubols Public History Award
Joel Zapata, University of Texas at El Paso

Indian Student Conference Scholarship
Deserea R. Langley, University of California, Davis
Kristen Simmons, University of Chicago

Trennert-Iverson Conference Scholarship
Kerry Goldmann, University of Texas at Dallas

Joseph Schiller, University of Oklahoma

WHA Graduate Student Prize
Anna Toledano, Stanford University

Alika Bourgette, University of Washington

David Krueger, Harvard University

John Legg, Virginia Tech

Sasha Coles, University of California, Santa Barbara

Micaela Valadez, University of Texas at Austin

Taylor Rose, Yale University

Reilly Hatch, University of New Mexico

Juan Mora, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Carolina Ortega, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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