Honorary Lifetime Membership

The Honorary Lifetime Membership in the Western History Association is given by the WHA President in recognition of an individual's notable achievements in the field of Western History over the course of their careers.

2016 Recipients

     Iris H. W. Engstrand is a tireless and enthusiastic historian of the Spanish southwest and a Professor at the University of San Diego, where she has taught the history of the Spanish Borderlands, California and the West since 1968. She is retiring from the University of San Diego at the end of this academic year. A native of California, Engstrand received her PhD from the University of Southern California. She lived and traveled extensively in Spain and Mexico, and over the years,has delighted many of us with tales of her adventures as a young researcher in Madrid. Engstrand has authored more than twenty-five books, including Spanish Scientists in the New World: The Eighteenth-Century Expeditions (1981), Quest for Empire: Spanish Settlement in the Southwest (1996) and San Diego: California's Cornerstone (original 1980, six editions, most recently 2016). In 2007, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the history of Spain in the Americas, she was awarded the medal of the Order of Isabella la Católica by Juan Carlos, King of Spain. Engstrand is a trustee of the San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Diego Maritime Museum, a long-time co-editor of Journal of San Diego History, the unofficial historian laureate of her town, as well as an active member of our association for fifty years. She served as WHA president in 2003-04 and currently serves as a distinguished speaker.

Donald E. Worster, child of the Great Plains, confirmed westerner, instigator, insurgent and inspired leader of our field. Worster is the Hall Distinguished Professor Emeritus of American History at the University of Kansas, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and now Professor of World History at Renmin University of China, Beijing.
He earned his PhD from Yale University, where, as he once explained, growing "sick of Puritan sermons" he turned to the emerging field of environmental history. His dissertation, published as Nature's Economy (1977), became a founding text of environmental history, of which he remains a prominent leader. Worster is nationally recognized as the author of many distinguished and award-winning books and essays, including Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s (1979), Rivers of Empire (1992), biographies of John Muir and John Wesley Powell, and most recently, Shrinking the Earth: The Rise and Decline of American Abundance (2016). He is a long-time active member of our association, and he served as president in 2012- 13.

Past Recipients listed alphabetically by surname

Richard Ahlborn

Syed Albukhary

Jack Allen

John Allen

Sue Armitage

Judith Austin
Thomas Alexander

W. David Baird

Larry D. Ball, Sr

John P. Bloom

Allan G. Bogue

Alfred L. Bush

D'Ann Campbell

Margaret Connell-Szasz

William J. Cronon

Lanny J. Dragon

James H. Ducker

Richard N. Ellis

Richard W. Etulain

Joyce M. Evans

Eddy D. Field II
Janet Fireman

Charles M. Godwin

James J. Goodwin

R. B. Graeme

J. Scott Hamilton

Lawrence Hamilton

James C. Hasdorff

R. Alan Henn

Markku Henriksson

William D. Hill

Robert Hine

Harwood P. Hinton

Fred B. Houghton

Paul A. Hutton

Peter Iverson

Elizabeth Jameson

Ray E. Jenkins

Joan M. Jensen

Ralph W. Jones

Frank A. Krause
David Rich Lewis

Patricia Nelson Limerick

Guy Logsdon

John D. Lowrey

Robert F. Lute II

Richard T. Malouf

Theda Perdue & Michael Green

George Miles                     

Raymond J. Morris

Jay E. Mullen

Preston W. Nash

Genevieve K. Neveau

Roger L. Nichols

Tom Noel

Walter Nugent

Floyd A. O'Neil

Kenneth N. Owens

Melinda Peak

Alain J. Petit

Paula Petrik

George M. Platt

Peter J. Powell

Howard C. Price, Jr.

John P. Reid

George J. Richards

Robert Ritchie
Vicki Ruiz

Richard Sadler

Frederick H. Schapsmeier

David E. Schob

G. L. Seligmann

Jan Shipps

Gary M. Simmons

Duane A. Smith

A. Ray Stephens

Brit A. Storey

Guy Stringham

Quintard Taylor

Hoke E. Trout

Kathleen Underwood

Robert M. Utley

David A. Walker

Melody Webb

Harold J. Weiss, Jr.

Robert Woodward

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